how to use grepper

If you read this, you know what grepper is and get back to 
your work
//O Hello! Welcome to the first  
//Query & Answer system for coders.

//Grepper answers like this will popup 
//when you google search a code related problem. 

//If nothing pops up, You can add answers to your 
//search query by pressing “a” from google 
//or by clicking on the “easy code snag” button |G| on 
//any code snippets around the web you come across,
//that code snippet will popup for you and others
//the next time you run into the same problem.

//P.S. Show your gratitute if an answers helps you,
//by upvoting it or donating to the developer.  

//Holla at us with questions, concerns or your lonely 
//and want to talk: [email protected]
We are happy to help, email us at: [email protected]
# Add an answer to Grepper by google searching a problem
# Then clicking the "Add Grepper Answer" link at the top 
# of your search result, or clicking (a) on your keyboard

# You can also add an answer by doing a google search
# clicking into a search result and typing Ctrl-g or Command-g
# on Mac. If there is a code snippet on the web page, you will
# see the "Easy Code Snag" button and you can click that
# to add an answer. 
'myFunction' is defined but never used  no-unused-vars
how to use grepper

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