bash how to set up aliases

# Process:
1. Open the .bashrc file with your favorite shell text editor. E.g.
	type "vi ~/.bashrc" 
    # Note, in general, the .bashrc file should be in your home
	# 	directory. Type "cd ~" and then "ls -a" to confirm that it's there
2. Define an alias on a new line using this basic syntax:
	alias abbreviated_command='original -long -command'
    E.g.: alias ls='ls --color -lhAFG'
3. Save and exit the .bashrc file (e.g. type ":q" and Enter in vi/vim)
4. Source the .bashrc file to apply/activate the alias. E.g.
	type "source ~/.bashrc"

# Note, I like having the following aliases to speed up this process:
alias bashrc='vi ~/.bashrc'
alias sourcebash='source ~/.bashrc'
# syntax
# alias *<alias-name>="*<what-alias-represents>"

# example
alias ll="ls -lrt"

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